Fertilizers That Add Organic Matter

Fertilizers for Adding Organic Matter

Boost the health of your soil with organic fertilizers!

Soil life is important to support the development and overall health of all plants. The little critters that live in your soil are important for the breakdown of organic matter and make nutrients available for absorption by plant roots. They also aerate the soil and improve drainage. These critters can even fight garden pests and make your soil resistant to diseases and bad bacteria!

Products to add to your soil to increase soil life include: worm castings, compost, humus, composted manure, Mycorrhizal Fungi (inoculants) and Bokashi.

Fertilizer Solution Chart Soil Testing Supplies

Worm Castings (1 Gal)



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Worm Castings (1 Cu Ft)



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Kelp Meal (5 Lb Box)


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Alfalfa Meal (5 Lb Box)



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Sunshine Peat Moss (2.2 Cu Ft)



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Par 4 Kelp Meal 1-0-2 (10 lb)



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