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Fruit Tree Central: A Guide to all the Peaceful Valley Fruit Tree Information

By on December 17, 2014

Grow a bountiful orchard, with help from Peaceful Valley!

Here at Peaceful Valley we love to help people find and grow fruit trees!

Our in-house videos and articles bring you research-based information about fruit and nut trees—from choosing, planting, pruning, pest and disease control, and how to use and preserve the fruit harvest.

Here’s a guide to all of our of fruit and nut tree educational resources we have available for you, listed by topic:

Choosing Fruit Trees

Fruit Trees—A Selection Guide

Best Pollination for your Fruit Trees
Chill Hours: What are they, how do I count them, and why do my fruit trees care?
What is your USDA Plant Hardiness Zone?
How to Choose Olive Trees
Choose the Right Avocado for Your Region
Does Your Avocado Have an A flower or a B flower?

Planting & Caring for Your Fruit Trees

Shipping and Heeling In Bare Root Trees
Plant a Bare Root Fruit Tree
Planting a Potted Fruit Tree
Planting Olives
Growing Avocados
Fertilizing Your Fruit Trees
Growing Walnut Trees
Growing Almonds
Growing Mulberries
How to Grow Pomegranates
Bare Root Fruit Tree Myths

Fruit Tree Dormancy
Plant a Bare Root Tree
Planting Fig Trees and other Potted Fruit Trees
How to Grow Pomegranates
Growing Olives in Zone 7
Fruit & Nut Tree Planting & Growing Guide
Potted Fruit Tree Planting & Growing Guide
Citrus Tree Planting & Growing Guide
Olive Tree Planting & Growing Guide
When and How to Fertilize Your Fruit Trees—Use Our Online Calculator
Companion Plants that Tolerate Black Walnut Toxicity
Summertime Fruit Tree Care
Debunking Bare Root Fruit Tree Myths

Pruning & Grafting Fruit Trees

Pruning 101
How to Prune Fruit Trees (Vase or Open system)
How to Prune Apple & Pear Trees (Central Leader system)
Summer Pruning for Cherry Trees & Apricot Trees (Modified Central Leader system)
Summer Pruning and Thinning
Sharpening Tools: Pruners, Loppers, Shovels & More
Budding (Basic Grafting)
Renovating a Mature Fruit Tree-Part 1

How to Choose the Right Pruning Tool
Pruning Fruit Trees—How to Choose Training System Shapes
Fruit Tree Pruning—Specialized Advice
Reasons for Summer Pruning Fruit Trees
How to Prune Cherry, Apricot, Pluot, Walnut, Pomegranate & Persimmon Trees
Boom or Bust Fruit
Versatile Pomegranate Can Be a Tree, Espalier, Shrub, Hedge, or Container Plant
Keep Petroleum Products Off Your Garden Tools
Use Budding to Change the Varieties or Cultivars on Your Fruit Trees
Gallery of Espalier Forms
When to Prune Fruit Trees
Pruning Science: How Trees Heal
Renovating a Mature Fruit Tree - Part 1

Disease & Pest Control for Fruit Trees

Fruit Tree Spraying
Codling Moth—How to Keep the Worms Away Organically
Powdery Mildew—Organic Control
Bird, Deer & Gopher Control
How to Make a Scarecrow
Controlling Fire Blight
Peach Leaf Curl

Deer Fencing and Deer Repellent
Gopher Control and Bird Control in your Organic Garden
Organic Control of Codling Moths
Spraying Fruit Trees—More Details on Dormant Sprays
Check your Powdery Mildew Facts with our True/False Quiz
Peach Leaf Curl Control
Controlling Fire Blight Organically
Naturally Occurring Codling Moth Virus
Worms in Your Apples?
Fire Blight Prediction Models

Getting the Most of Your Harvests

How to Can—Apple Sauce from Tree to Jar
How to Dehydrate Food
How to Make Cider
Curing Olives
How to Freeze Plums

Canning Safety—Tips Grandma Didn’t Know
Drying Food 101
Mix Apple Varieties to Make the Best Cider
Sustainable Ways to Use the Apple Pomace from your Cider
Massage Persimmons to Preserve Them
Preserve your Harvest… in the Freezer!
Growing and Cooking Chestnuts
Go Nuts with Almonds!

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