Singing the Praises of ‘Music’ Garlic

By on November 05, 2011

'Music' garlic is a gift to cooks -- big cloves wrapped up in easy-to-peel, pink skin.

What is it about ‘Music’ garlic that makes it the most popular seed garlic with our customers?


First of all, it’s a hardneck garlic and all the hardnecks have more complex flavors than the softneck garlic found in grocery stores.

‘Music’ is one of the hardnecks known as a porcelain garlic, and it is beautiful.

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Easy to grow

‘Music’ is a hardy garlic that likes cold weather. It can grow up to 3’-4’ tall. Its dark green leaves are stabilized by long roots.

Stores well

After harvest, the cloves store 3-6 months in good conditions (meaning dry, cool, and well-ventilated).

Large cloves

The ‘Music’ cloves are large and easy to peel.

Excellent flavor

The flavors of ‘Music’ are described as mildly to medium hot, with musky, rich taste.

High allicin levels

‘Music’ has a high content of allicin, which researchers say is a powerful antioxidant.

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