Summer Vineyard

By on August 23, 2011

Chardonnay Grapes

I had my first opportunity to take pictures of a vineyard yesterday. Smith Vineyard, a local, organic vineyard, had me out to take pictures of their grapes going through veraison. It was quite an education to learn about growing delicious wine the organic way. Enjoy the pictures, it certainly made me look forward to the 2011 vintages from Smith Vineyard.

Black and white shot of Primativo Grapes in the middle of turning from green to a deep purple.
Primativo Black and White

Primativo in color. The variation in berry size was due to a heavy rain during bud break.
Primativo Color

Chardonnay Clusters
Clusters of Chardonnay

A look down the row of Chardonnay vines.
Rows of Vines

Beautiful little cluster.
Chardonnay Cluster

Clusters in the Sun

Chardonnay in the Light


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