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Add-It® Proportioning Fertilizer Injector (1.5 Quart size)
Item Number: WMX201

Add-It® Proportioning Fertilizer Injector (1.5 Quart size)

Mix Liquid Concentrates Into Watering Lines

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Add-It® Proportioning Injectors are designed for home and garden use. Easy to operate for either drip and sub-surface irrigation or with sprinkler systems. Injects fertilizer at a consistent, predetermined ratio.

  • Minimum flow rate: 2 GPM
  • Minimum pressure required: 10 PSI
  • Hose threaded
  • Predetermined ratio (water to fertilizer or other concentrate): 300:1
  • 75 Gallons of water to empty injector unit - does not need a bypass since water continuing to flow through empty unit will not be damaging
  • Backflow device required between spigot and injector
  • Filter recommended when injecting fertilizers into drip systems
  • Unit is constructed of plastic and should be installed out of direct sunlight. Cover with fabric or other protection if installed in compromising light.

Note: Add-It® fertilizer injectors can operate under constant line pressure up to 80 psi, except for the small pint capacity unit which has as maximum pressure rating of 60 PSI and is not designed to be operated under constant line pressure, no matter how low. Therefore, all injectors, except for the small pint Add-It® injector, can be installed into the mainline before a manifold of valves or after an individual valve.


  • Hose Thread
  • Use with Drip Tape


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Shipping Weight: 5.0 lb

Dimensions: 14.25"L x 6.375"W x 6.125"H


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