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BCS Tiller Attachments - Brushmower 26"
Brand: BCS
Item Number: GT185

BCS Tiller Attachments - Brushmower 26"

Will Mow Anything It Can Bend

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26" Brushmower for BCS Tiller Models - 722, 732, and 853.

Maintain the portion of your property that doesn't need to be manicured lawn, but you want to have a lawn-like appearance.

The BCS rotary brush mower is designed to maintain the portion of your property that doesn’t need to be manicured lawn, but you still want to have a lawn-like appearance. This area is often referred to as “second-tier lawn”. Typically, these areas are mown one or more times per season, depending upon your preference and time schedule.

Because of its narrow width, low center of gravity, and light weight, it’s used wherever four-wheel tractors with “brush hogs” can’t go – between closely spaced trees, across steep slopes, and along ponds and streams. The mower is used to maintain walking trails through natural growth areas. Because the mower features front and rear discharge, rather than the traditional side discharge, it’s useful in the garden to mow cover crops and plant residues. Some gardeners use it to control their “living mulch” between row crops.

And, of course, the rotary mower is used to “tame” overgrown areas. It will digest tall weeds, woody brush, and small saplings. The rule of thumb is that it will mow anything that it can push down in front of itself. The tradeoff when comparing it with the sickle bar is that the rotary mowing time per acre is greater because you’re cutting the vegetation into smaller bits, rather than just once at the base. If you have a variety of cutting needs, consider the purchase of both attachments.

  • Floating deck tilts up to 15 degrees to follow ground contours.
  • Two pivoting 1/4" thick blades “give” when hitting rocks or debris.
  • 4" cutting height.
  • Hardened steel gears and ball bearings encompassed by steel-reinforced aluminum gearbox case.
  • Rear rubber flap prevents dogging.

Try it once and you'll agree that BCS makes "The Best Tiller on Earth" with the industry's best warranty to prove it!



    Country of Origin : Italy

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