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BCS Tiller Attachments - Chipper Shredder
Brand: BCS
Item Number: GT125

BCS Tiller Attachments - Chipper Shredder

Shred Your Debris Pile Quickly

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This is a special order item. Please call 888-784-1722 to place an order.

Chipper Shredder attachment for BCS Tiller Model numbers 722 - 8 HP, 732, 749, 853, 739 and 7128.

There’s something particularly satisfying about accomplishing two jobs at the same time. With the BCS chipper/shredder, you can clean up unsightly piles of brush and limbs, while creating valuable mulch material for your plantings.

Shred plant residues and leaves for quicker decomposition; pulverize and mix compost with other ingredients to make your own potting soil mix; shred newsprint to bed your livestock – there’s no limit to its uses.

And BCS accomplishes these jobs in less time than competitive brands, because of the extra weight of our 37 lb. chipper flywheel and 28-flail shredder assembly. Our attachment weighs 211 lbs, while competitive stand alone units generally weigh 200 lbs or less (including engine!). The faster chipping and shredding is due to the fact that the weight generates more inertial momentum to power through the resistance of limbs and other plant material.

  • Chips limbs up to 3" in diameter.
  • Performance is also enhanced by a unique hopper design which allows leaves and other materials to drop directly into the shredder flail assembly.
  • Lastly, the BCS is self-propelled. No more wrestling a machine over rough terrain to get to your next brush pile. Just put your tractor wheels in gear and drive from pile to pile.

Try it once and you'll agree that BCS makes "The Best Tiller on Earth" with the industry's best warranty to prove it!



    Branch Size-Cutting : Cuts Large-Sized Branches (2")
    Branch Size-Cutting : Cuts Medium-Sized Branches (1"-2")
    Branch Size-Cutting : Cuts Small-Sized Branches (1")
    Country of Origin : Italy

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    FREE SHIPPING* When Ordered with a BCS Tractor Unit! Offer only available to the lower 48 states. Offer expires 12/31/2019.

    Does not qualify for Flat Rate Shipping.

    Requires a custom freight quote.

    Cannot be combined with other items in a package, due either to its size or manufacturer packaging.

    Shipping Weight: 250.0 lb

    Dimensions: 0"L x 0"W x 0"H


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