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BCS Tiller Attachments - Lawn Mower With Catcher 22"
Brand: BCS
Item Number: GT120

BCS Tiller Attachments - Lawn Mower With Catcher 22"

Maintain the Manicured Portion of Your Lawn

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This is a special order item. Please call 888-784-1722 to place an order.

Lawn Mower 22" with Catcher for BCS Tiller Model numbers 718, 722, and 732.

To maintain the manicured portion of your lawn, BCS offers lawn mower attachments that combine a precision cut with the ability to either bag or side discharge the clippings.

Effective bagging of the clippings requires proper air flow, and the key variable is the distance from the bottom rim of the deck to the ground. Mowers, whose height of cut is determined by moving the deck up or down, always bag more efficiently at some heights than at others. BCS has overcome this limitation by designing a system in which the deck never moves as the height of cut is adjusted; only the blade moves. The blade is mounted on a splined spindle shaft and is raised or lowered by a top-mounted lever. Thus, you can adjust the height of cut in seconds, while maintaining peak bagging performance.

When you don’t want to bag, simply remove the bag and your mower is in side discharge mode. The discharge port is above the deck for a wider dispersion of clippings. Also, the outside of the port is aligned with the outside edge of the deck, so that you can mow closely to objects with either side of the deck.

  • Cutting height range is 2.5 to 4 inches on 38'' mower; 1.5 to 2.5 inches on 22'' mower.
  • Heat-treated steel gears in oil bath.
  • Unique top-mounted lever instantly adjusts the blade(s) for different heights.
  • Easy front-dumping with top-mounted 4-bushel bag on 38" models.
  • 38" deck floats side-to-side minimize scalping on uneven terrain.
  • 1/8'' steel deck.

Try it once and you'll agree that BCS makes "The Best Tiller on Earth" with the industry's best warranty to prove it!



    Country of Origin : Italy

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