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Brand: BCS
Item Number: GT146

BCS Tiller Attachments - Power Sweeper 40"

Makes Clean-Ups Fast and Easy

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Power Sweeper 40" attachment for BCS Tiller Model numbers 722 - 8 HP, 732, 749, 853, 739 and 7128.

The BCS Power Sweeper is a year-round product for any size clean-up job. Especially popular with our rental and institutional customers, the sweeper performs a wide range of tasks.

  • Snow removal – For walkways with zero to four inches of snow, there’s simply nothing better. The unique advantage of the sweeper is that it removes every flake of snow, leaving no residue that might melt and refreeze during the day. Consequently, there’s no need to salt and/or sand your walkways. Plus, it’s faster than a snowthrower. The BCS will sweep a swath forty inches wide at a speed in excess of one mile per hour.
  • Small parking lot clean-ups – From the operator’s position, the sweeper easily angles to the right and left, as well as straight. This makes windrowing and consolidating the swept debris fast and convenient.
  • Spring time clean-ups – The sweeper is popular for evicting road salt, cinders, and sand from lawns after a winter’s worth of snowplowing. The aggressiveness of the bristles is determined by easily adjusted gauge wheels. In combination with the power of all-gear-drive, the bristles force dried mud and road debris out of the sod and back into the shoulders of the roadways.
  • Dethatching – Adjust the gauge wheels and go. The sweeper will “pick and lift” dead grass and other debris, and windrow it simultaneously for easy collection. With a 40” swath, it’s hard to imagine a faster alternative
  • Miscellaneous – We’re always amazed at some of the jobs for which the sweeper is used. One example – a roofing contractor told us of using it to sweep the flat roof of an industrial building in preparation for resurfacing.

Try it once and you'll agree that BCS makes "The Best Tiller on Earth" with the industry's best warranty to prove it!



    Country of Origin : Italy

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