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BCS Tiller Attachments - Snow Thrower 28"
Brand: BCS
Item Number: GT110

BCS Tiller Attachments - Snow Thrower 28"

This Really Should Be Called the Snow Cannon!

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Snow Thrower 28" attachment for BCS Tiller Model numbers 722, 732, and 853.

Whether the forecast calls for a dusting of dry powder, or deep, wet drifts, you'll be ready to dig out with the BCS Snow Thrower Attachment. High torque, high velocity, high performance. Your first impression of the BCS snow thrower in action will be that it’s misnamed – it should be called a snow cannon!

An incredibly fast auger/impeller speed of 1218 revolutions per minute, in combination with all-gear-drive, means that performance exceeds expectations in both dry and wet snow conditions. You will easily remove high drifts and those “accumulations” piled at the end of your driveway by the road crew.

Performance is also enhanced by a stainless steel discharge chute. Because it conducts the cold quickly and never rusts, snow does not have the tendency to stick to the chute.

Wide, easy to adjust (without tools) skid shoes provide six different height settings, ranging from zero to almost two inches. So whether you’re scraping a paved drive or avoiding the stones on a gravel drive; whether you’re blowing the snow off your skating pond or clearing a path to the woodpile, there’s a setting appropriate for the job.

  • Angled stainless steel discharge chute conducts cold quickly and never rusts.
  • Over 1200 RPMs as a single-stage chute.
  • Adjustable skids to six height settings, from ground level up to 2''.
  • Chute discharge direction adjustable from operator's position.
  • Heat-treated steel gears in oil bath gearbox supported by ball bearings.

Try it once and you'll agree that BCS makes "The Best Tiller on Earth" with the industry's best warranty to prove it!



    Country of Origin : Italy

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