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Debug® Turbo (Quart)
Item Number: PBT620

Debug Turbo (1 Quart) (OID DUAL)

Neem-Based Product to Control Insects and Fungal Diseases

Listed for Use in Organic Agriculture by the Organic Materials Review Institute Approved for Organic Agriculture by the Washington State Department of Agriculture

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Pesticide ID # required for California COMMERCIAL GROWERS

Debug® Turbo is a broad spectrum insecticide that controls many insects, nematodes, mites and fungal diseases in vegetables plants, fruits, trees, roses and ornamentals. Debug® Turbo is a formulation containing 65.8% Fats and Glyceridic Oils, Margosa (containing several Triterpenoids & Neem Oil), 0.70% Azadirachtin and 15% carrier/synergist.

Debug® Turbo has Azadiractin, 168 compounds that are chemically diverse and structurally complex These Include nlmbin, nlmbldin, salanin, nlmosone, vepoletc. and Neem oil.

Works in multiple ways as an insecticide, a repellent, an anti-feedant (deters insects from feeding on treated surfaces), and as an insect growth regulator (if ingested by young insects, they do not reach adulthood. It is also an ovi-position deterrent and disrupts the molting process of insects).

  • Active ingredient is 65.8% fats and glyceridic oils Margosa (Neem) and 0.70% Azadirachtin
  • For the control of Aphids, Whiteflies, Cabbage loopers, Diamondback Moths, Armyworms, Leafminers, Thrips, Onion Maggots, Weevils, Mites, flea beetles, and Caterpillars.
  • Does not harm beneficial insects
  • Debug® Turbo has one of the lowest Re-Entry Interval (REI) and Pre-Harvest Intervals (PHI) so the crop can be harvested the same day

Debug® Turbo has a shelf life and must be sold before the expiration date on the container, but it can be used up to 6 months after that date with the same efficacy. For Debug® Turbo to be most effective, pH of the water used for mixing should be around 5.5. If necessary, use a buffer like citric acid to bring the pH to the desired level.



    Organic Status :
    Approved for Use in Certified Organic Agriculture
    Active Ingredient : Azadirachtin
    Active Ingredient : Neem Oil
    Application Frequency : Multiple Application
    Application Season : Fall
    Application Season : Spring
    Application Season : Summer
    Application Season : Winter
    Chemical Form : Concentrate
    Chemical Form : Liquid
    Fungus & Disease Control : Fusarium
    Fungus & Disease Control : Powdery Mildew
    Fungus & Disease Control : Pythium
    Fungus & Disease Control : Rust
    Insect Control : Ants
    Insect Control : Aphids
    Insect Control : Caterpillars
    Insect Control : Codling Moths
    Insect Control : Colorado Potato Beetle
    Insect Control : Corn Earworms
    Insect Control : Cucumber Beetles
    Insect Control : Cut Worms
    Insect Control : Flea Beetle
    Insect Control : Fruit Flies
    Insect Control : Fungus Gnats
    Insect Control : Grasshoppers
    Insect Control : Grubs
    Insect Control : Gypsy Moths
    Insect Control : Japanese Beetles
    Insect Control : Leaf Roller
    Insect Control : Leafhoppers
    Insect Control : Leafminers
    Insect Control : Loopers
    Insect Control : Mealybugs
    Insect Control : Mites
    Insect Control : Nematodes
    Insect Control : Psyllids
    Insect Control : Scale
    Insect Control : Sharpshooter
    Insect Control : Thrips
    Insect Control : Whiteflies
    Pest Control Class : Fungicide
    Pest Control Class : Insecticide
    Pest Control Class : Miticide
    Organic Certifier: OMRI, WSDA


    Cannot ship to the following states: AK, AL, AR, CT, DC, DE, GU, IA, ID, IN, KS, LA, ME, MS, ND, NE, NH, NY, OK, PR, RI, SD, TX, UT, VI, VT, WV, WY

    Cannot ship via USPS.

    Shipping Weight: 3.0 lb

    Dimensions: 8.25"L x 3.5"W x 3.5"H


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