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Dio-Betalon PVA Film + 8 Clips (Tufbell 3800N Replacement) (78" x 20' Pkg)

Rowcover of Unprecedented Strength and Durability

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DIO-Betalon PVA Film has all the strength and life-durability as the former Tufbell PVA Film. DIO-Betalon uses the same raw materials, machines, and technology that was used in making the Tufbell products. PVA has unique absorption properties which allow moisture to freeze within the rowcover fibers and form a protective shield, like an igloo, over the crop.

  • The PVA is also breathable (35% permeable), allowing crop ventilation during the day.
  • Water right through it, without need for removal.
  • Increases air and soil temperature by 5-10°F and leaf temperature by 2-6°, yet does not overheat in 90° weather.
  • Allows 90% light transmittance.

It can be floated on the crop, or laid on hoops or frames. The double-thick material is reinforced with nylon threads to prevent tears. DIO-Betalon lasts for many years and is the most durable rowcover on the market; material will shrink about 5% crosswise and about 6% lengthwise over time. Use Rowcover Clips to anchor the fabric to the ground.

Model DT-650



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    Shipping Weight: 2.0 lb

    Dimensions: 16"L x 11"W x 2"H


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