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Dramm Syphonject Siphon Mixer
Dramm Syphonject Siphon Mixer
Brand: Dramm
Item Number: WMX151

Dramm Syphonject Siphon Mixer

Add Nutrition While Hose Watering

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Dramm's Syphonject draws a concentrated solution from a bucket through a flexible suction tube and then dilutes it with the passing water stream at an approximate ratio of 20 parts water to 1 part concentrated solution. Includes a 170PL nozzle - ideal when using fertilizer syphons.

  • Minimum water pressure of 35 psi at faucet
  • Maximum hose length of 50 feet
  • Full flow nozzle of 6 gal/minute
  • For best results use strainer bag (E141) as a means of removing any residuals in diluted fertilizer solutions such as Liquid Fish before using siphon

Dramm recommends that you determine the exact dilution ratio of your Syphonject with your available water pressure, hose and choice of nozzles. The 20:1 dilution ratio is directly related to the amount of water pressure available through your garden hose. As water pressure increases, the dilution ratio will increase. (For more information on how to do this, see "Determine the Ratio of Your Syphonjet" below.)

CAUTION! Do not use the Syphonject to apply pesticides, fungicides or poisons. Do not drink from a hose that has had fertilizers, chemicals or any other solutions through them. Follow all manufacturer's recommendations. Detach the Syphonject from your faucet after use.

Mixing a Concentrated Solution

  • Determine how much solution you will need Certain fertilizers require an application of a specific amount of product over a specific area. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations. Prepare a water/fertilizer solution that is 20 times stronger than the rate normally used. For each gallon of water used in your solution, mix in 20 times the manufacturer's recommended rate of fertilizer. For each gallon of concentrated solution you prepare, your Syphonject will apply 20 gallons of correctly diluted solution.
  • Determine the ratio of your Syphonject
    • What you will need: 1. A large container you know the Volume of (Example - 5 Gallon Bucket) 2. A Small container you know the volume of (Example - 1 Quart Bottle)

    Step 1: Set up the Syphonject on the Faucet. Connect the hose to it.

    Step 2: Fill the small container with clear water (example - 1 Quart) and place the small clear siphon hose into it.

    Step 3: Hold the end of the hose in the large container (example - 5 Gallon Bucket)

    Step 4: Turn on the water and fill the large container until the small container is empty.

    Step 5: Measure the amount in the large container (Example - 4 Gallons)

    Step 6: Calculate the ratio. 5 gallons (20 Quarts) to 1 Quart = 20: 1


  • Hose Thread


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Shipping Weight: 1.0 lb

Dimensions: 8"L x 4"W x 1.5"H


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