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Natural & Organic Fertilizers and Growing Supplies Catalog (2020)
Item Number: FERTCAT

Natural & Organic Fertilizers and Growing Supplies Catalog (2020)

Fertilizers – At the Heart of all Organic Growing

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At the heart of all organic growing is the art and science of fertilizing organically. Healthy soil nurtures healthy plants which generally grow better, taste better, store longer and consequently, should have increased resistance to the stresses caused by heat, cold, drought, pests, diseases, rapid growth, etc.

The catalog also contains all of the growing supplies you might need to start seeds and grow them up for transplanting out into the garden.

Fertile, healthy soil is not only the first step for increasing yields and quality but also for natural pest control and season extending.

  • Compost and composting supplies
  • Complete line of organic fertilizers
  • Compost tea and soil inoculants
  • Fertigation supplies
  • Seed starting trays, heat mats, germination stations, lights and more

This is Issue 2 of 7 of our 2019 Gardening Catalog Series - collect them all for a complete line of our products!



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