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Fungus Gnat Control
Fungus Gnat Control
Item Number: PBI033

Fungus Gnat Control

Control Those Pesky Fungus Gnats

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Please note: There are no returns on this live product.

These microscopic organisms destroy pests that live underground. They will seek out and kill fungus gnat larvae that live in the soil. They are so small that several thousand would fit on the head of a pin. They travel through the ground and enter the body cavities of larvae and release bacteria that kill them.

Fungus Gnat Control does not affect humans, animals or plants. Beneficial Nematodes are completely compatible with other beneficial insects such as Ladybugs, Lacewings and Praying Mantids and do not harm earthworms.

  • Each container includes seven million live beneficial nematodes
  • One container will cover approximately 2,000 square feet in ideal conditions. For heavier infestations, coverage is 1,000 square feet.
  • One application is normally enough to last one fungus gnat season, but if the problem persists use a second application.

These creatures may die if left in direct sunlight or in a rural mailbox on a hot afternoon, or in cold weather. We only guarantee viability if someone accepts and inspects the insects immediately upon delivery. You must contact us immediately upon delivery if you suspect a viability problem.



    Active Ingredient : Beneficial Nematodes
    Application Frequency : Multiple Application
    Application Season : Fall
    Application Season : Spring
    Application Season : Summer
    Application Season : Winter
    Insect Control : Fungus Gnats
    Pest Control Class : Beneficial Insect/Organism

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    Cannot ship to the following states: HI, PR, VI, GU

    Cannot ship via SmartPost.

    Shipping Weight: 2.0 lb

    Dimensions: 7"L x 5"W x 5"H


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