Kids Guide to Keeping Chickens
Kids Guide to Keeping Chickens
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Kids Guide to Keeping Chickens

Learn How to Raise Chickens with the Family

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By Melissa Caughey

Whether you have chickens already or are thinking of getting them, this is the book for you! Chickens can be great pets with big personalities and, to top it off, they provide fresh eggs for your table. This book will tell you all you need to know about keeping a flock healthy and happy. You'll learn how to feed, house, and take care of them and, of course, how to have fun with them too.

  • Learn about how to choose the best chickens and finding your chickens
  • From chick to chicken: the first six weeks
  • How to make a home for your chickens
  • What to feed your flock and how to care for a sick chick
  • Ideas for chicken crafts with your kids

144 pages; paperback.



    Book Format : Softback

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