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Brand: Agribon (Early Buy)
Item Number: SER1155S

Agribon AG-70 Floating Row Cover (13'X 300') - Early Buy Special

Extra Heavy Weight Protection

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Protect fruit trees from late spring frost damage, and shrubs and vegetable crops from unseasonably low temperatures.

  • AG-70 ia an Extra Heavy weight rowcover (2.0 oz/sq yd)
  • 30% light transmittance
  • Provides 8 + °F of frost protection

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Agribon™ rowcovers are high quality spun-bonded polypropylene and have all the qualities of other brands, plus seams double-bonded for ultra-strength, while being more affordable.

These floating rowcovers increase yields, prolong seasons, reduce soil erosion, protect against frost, speeds up germination, minimizes wind damage, conserves soil moisture, deters insects and birds and protects against extreme temperatures.

In addition, Agribon offers a 1-year limited warranty against premature UV breakdown. It is similar to other rowcovers but generally longer lasting. UV stabilizers increase expected field life to 2 to 3 seasons.

For other weights and sizes of Agribon see these products:

Agribon AG-15 Insect Control

Lightweight - designed to protect crops from pests. Does not retain unnecessary heat. 90% light transmittance.

Agribon AG-19 Insect Control and Light Frost Protection

Light enough to be laid over plants without hoops or frames. Strong enough to withstand light to moderate wind and other stress. 85% light transmittance. Provides up to 4°F of frost protection.

Agribon AG-30 Medium Frost Protection

Widely used for frost protection on citrus, strawberries, vegetables and nursery stock. It also conserves water by reducing evaporation. 70% light transmittance. Provides up to 6°F of frost protection.

Agribon AG-50 Heavy Frost Protection

Protect fruit trees from late spring frost damage, and shrubs and vegetable crops from unseasonably low temperatures. Provides 6-8°F frost protection, with 50% light transmittance.

Agribon AG-70 Extra Heavy Weight

Provides 8 + °F of frost protection, with 30% light transmittance.



    Type of Protection : Frost - 8°F +

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    Shipping Weight: 63.85 lb

    Dimensions: 85.0"L x 13.0"W x 13.0"H


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