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Potted Flavor King Pluot Tree-Grow Organic Potted Flavor King Pluot Tree Fruit and Nut Tree
Item Number: FT222P

Potted Flavor King Pluot Tree

Top Taste-Test Winner

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Standard on Viking rootstock.

  • Zones: 6-10
  • Chill hours: 400
  • Bloom Time: Late Mid-Season (Based on typical Central Valley California weather)
  • Harvest: August 1 - September 1
  • Looks: Medium sized fruit with reddish-purple skin, sweet red and gold flesh.
  • Personality: Sensational bouquet and sweet, spicy flavor.
  • Facts of note: Top taste-test winner over all. Low chill hours, good choice for milder climates. The fruit holds well on the tree, staying firm for as long as two weeks after maturity. A precocious bearer with regular heavy production. Developed by Zaiger.
  • Pollination: Pollinated by Flavor Supreme Pluot® or Dapple Dandy Pluot®, Santa Rosa plum or Late Santa Rosa plum.
  • Trees are 1 year old and should begin fruiting in 3-4 years.

For more information, please enjoy our Resource Guide for planting and growing fruit trees.

The Pluot is "Interspecific" meaning it is a complex hybrid of 70 percent plum, 30 percent apricot with decidedly more plum-like traits (also called a plumcot). Smooth-skinned like a plum, the Pluot is sturdy and durable with luscious flavor. It has the chin-dripping juiciness of a fully ripe plum without the notoriously tough skin and tart center typical of the parent plum. The complex, intense flavor of Pluot is unique to interspecifics, much like a blend of fruit juices where the mixture is an improvement over any of the separate ingredients. One of the sweetest fruits, with 16-24 Brix probably explains why Pluots dominate the Dave Wilson Taste Tests. The fruit is very high in Vitamin A. Pluots® were bred by Zaiger Genetics Inc. of Modesto California.


  • Flavor Pick
  • Patented Variety
  • Suited to Warmer Climates


USDA Zones :
6 - 10
Approximate Harvest Time : Late Summer
Chill Hours Needed : 400 Hours
Time to Fruit Production : 3-4 Years
Tree Size : Standard
Fruit is Good For
fresh eating, jam/jelly


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Shipping Weight: 1.8 lb

Dimensions: 34.0"L x 3.9"W x 3.9"H


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