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Natural & Organic Pest and Weed Control Catalog (2021)
Item Number: PESTCAT

Natural & Organic Pest and Weed Control Catalog (2021)

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IPM - Integrated Pest Management control pests in the most natural possible way. Major components of IPM are: • Monitor, Identify & Control the Pests • Biological Controls are natural enemies such as beneficial insects. • Cultural Controls alter the environment so the pests can’t live easily (removing shelter, adjusting watering times). • Mechanical and Physical Controls are traps that kill pests, or barriers that keep them away from plants (gopher wire, deer fencing, bird netting). • Chemical Controls are pesticides. In IPM pesticides are a last resort. combine all these controls for a long-term solution to your pest problem. Any and all of these alternatives to harmful chemicals are worth a try, remembering that integrated pest management for any pest, including weeds, may require more than one method for adequate control. Mulch deprives weeds of sunlight which deprive them of life! Biodegradable film is great on annual veggie beds, and an alternative to plastic based fabrics. Coconut Fiber chips are beautiful, and retain moisture. Organic and Natural weed control also includes the use of weed flamers and organic herbicides.



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