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Gardena Automatic Water Distributor
Gardena Automatic Water Distributor
Gardena Automatic Water Distributor
Gardena Automatic Water Distributor
Brand: Gardena
Item Number: WG610

Gardena Automatic Water Distributor

Automatic Irrigation in Up to 6 Different Areas

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The Gardena Automatic Water Distributor allows for fully automatic control of up to 6 watering zones when used in conjunction with the Gardena water computer. This device is water pressure dependent and needs a minimum of 15 PSI to operate correctly. The watering channels are automatically activated one after the other, each time the water flow stops and restarts, according to the timer schedule. When the timer turns on, water pressure builds up inside the distributor and pushes up the red, middle cylinder, releasing water through the first open outlet. When the timer turns off, the pressure subsides and the red middle cylinder rotates to the next outlet as it drops down.

The same process continues when the next timing cycle resumes. In order to obtain proper functioning of this unit, please make sure that 1) your irrigation system has enough water pressure, placing any pressure regulators after the distributor; 2) leave the caps on the outlets that are not being utilized; and 3) allow 15-30 minutes on your timer schedule for water pressure to subside when the distributor is set to open on a capped outlet. Ideal for plants with different water needs or if the water volume is not sufficient for operating simultaneously all watering stations.

  • Doesn’t require a lot of space and is flexible – mounted on the wall or ground
  • Easy to operate
  • Deactivate the non-required outlets using the setting lever
  • Ideal when the available water quantity is insufficient for simultaneous supply of all watering accessories
  • Compatible with GARDENA Comfort C 1060 Water Computer–capable of up to 6 programs

Formerly called Quick Connect Coupler. This coupling allows for easy connection of two garden hoses for extending hose lengths.

Warning: This product or its packaging contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information see



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