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Weck Canning Jar - 1 Liter Juice (39.5 oz) (Case of 3)
Weck Canning Jar - 1 Liter Juice (39.5 oz) (Case of 3)
Weck Canning Jar - 1 Liter Juice (39.5 oz) (Case of 3)
Brand: Weck
Item Number: HM514

Weck Canning Jar - 1 Liter Juice (39.5 oz) (Case of 3)

Use for Canning or Serving

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This tall jar is perfect for juice. Because of the height of this jar a taller canner than a standard graniteware one is necessary for water bath canning.

  • BPA-Free Canning Jars
  • Each case contains 3 jars, 3 glass lids, 3 rings and 6 clamps.
  • Use these for canning and for serving.
  • The jar holds 39.5 fl oz. or 1 Liter.
  • Use this as a serving carafe, as well, for any beverages. Since it is tempered glass it reliably holds hot or cold liquids.
  • Rubber ring replacements are available.

The Weck company has been providing canning equipment in Europe since 1900. Weck does not produce home-canning jars with mechanical sealing devices and the reason is safety!

In case the contents of a jar should spoil for any reason, the gases formed by spoilage inside the jar must be free to push up the lid so that it lies loosely on top of the jar.

For this extremely important reason of personal safety, a reason which is still more important than the practical ones mentioned below, WECK has consistently refused to produce jars with mechanical wire bail seals for home-canning purposes. In case of spoilage, these mechanical seals cannot produce the strikingly clear warning signal of the loose lid.


  • BPA-Free
  • Dishwasher Safe


Jar Mouth Style : Regular Mouth
Jar Size (Oz) : 39.5000
Lid Type : Double Clamp
Lid Type : Glass
Lid Type : Regular Mouth
Product Material : Glass

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Shipping Weight: 6.0 lb

Dimensions: 11"L x 4"W x 11"H


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