Peaceful Valley Wood Fly Trap
(Without Bait)

Flies Can't Resist This Trap!

Brand: Peaceful Valley    Item Number: PIT950


In Stock! Ships from Northern CA.


In Stock! Ships from Northern CA.

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Simple design but a great idea. It will catch thousands of manure-breeding flies and reduce your adult fly population fast, guaranteed. For over 20 years, we've heard nothing but rave reviews from ranchers with cattle, horses, sheep, llamas and poultry, as well as from farmers, homeowners and county fairs.

  • Place a strong-smelling bait in the pie tin
  • Put the Wood Fly Trap over the tin and watch the flies come
  • The fly will try to fly away into the trap and cannot get out
  • The trap holds 25,000 flies and is easy to clean, just unscrew the lid to empty

Handcrafted, especially for Peaceful Valley and made of redwood to last outdoors for many years. Bait sold separately. The bait consists of 2 lb. Active Dry yeast and 1 oz. Ammonium Carbonate, which is highly volatile and evaporates quickly; store in a tightly sealed container. You may also use other ingredients as long as it attracts flies.


Application Season Summer Insect Control Flies
Application Season Summer
Insect Control Flies

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Shipping Weight: 8.00 lbs. Dimensions: 12.875"L x 12.5"W x 12.5"H


Works like it says it does

This fly-trap really delivers on everything it says. Once you get the bait in and the flies figure out where it is they come in swarming. My trap had an inch-thick layer of dead flies within a week.

-if it rains, you have a goopy stinking mess of rotting flies
-the bait has to get made and replaced regularly
-if you don't clean the trap regularly, you'll get an invasion of ants coming in to feed on the dead flies

Still, it's a great product, I highly recommend it.

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Excellent Trap!

This simple, brilliant trap works extremely well. Flies go in, but can't get out. While the bait is liquid, the flies are not trapped in it, so there's no icky dead fly soup to deal with. I just dump the desiccated carcasses out and my chickens eat them up. While one could argue that the trap could be better designed, the bottom line is it works. I have hogs and chickens and use this trap and the yeast-based bait in conjunction with parasitic wasps. Best fly season yet.

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Shoo Fly

Great product. You notice a big difference in fly population right away. Highly recommend

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Works (with the right bait)

I have 4 hens in my yard and in the summer the fly situation gets pretty bad. I bought this trap and put some mixed berries in the pan and didn't catch a single fly. The next day I put fresh chicken droppings in there and within half an hour had caught approximately 100. I don't know why they decided to use the screws rather than a hinge for the top, but I've found I don't really need the screws in there anyway. Like one of the previous reviewers had said, I think a weather stain would've served the product better, since it's made for the outdoors. My next task is to figure out how to dispatch these flies. I considered dunking the trap in tub but I doubt that would be good for the wood. We shall see.

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Looks like a good fly trap but is missing 2 important features

I purchased & received one of this fly trap from here. When I received it & opened it up, I had to do a little of my own modifying to this trap to make it easier for me in the future to get the top off of it when I need to empty it out. The lid that is on the top is held on by 2 long philips screws that are a little hard to screw & unscrew as I discovered just to get the top off & then put it back on. Overtime the 2 philips screws are going to get stripped down & worn out making it so that the top for this trap may never come off again with the screws in place especially if the screws are stripped & can no longer be unscrewed to get the top off to empty the dead flies out. Therefore, I modified mine right when I received by drilling out bigger holes in the top where there were the holes for the 2 philips screws on this trap. I then put in 2 long metal bolt screws that are pretty thick & just long enough to go through the top frame of this trap & the lid that sits on this trap. Now when I need to empty out the trap, I simply just pull with my fingers the 2 metal screw bolts that I installed on this trap & pull the bolts out of both sides. Then lift & empty out the trap, put the lid back on & re-insert the 2 metal screw bolts in the holes until the lid is secure on both sides. No need for me getting or using a philips screwdriver every time I need to empty the fly trap out. Another great way to do this would be to use a wooden round stick also known as a (Bird Perch). Simply drill bigger holes like I did for the top piece & then buy one of the long, round wooden sticks - (Bird Perches) from your local craft store or hardware store making sure that it is the same size as the hole you drill as for they come in many different sizes from very thin to very thick. Then simply poke the long, round wooden stick through your larger re-drilled holes at the top for the lid on this trap until you make the stick come out on both sides which will hold the top to this trap on well & will also be very easy to remove for quick emptying of the trapped flies. The last thing that this trap is missing & that it definitely needs seeing as it is an outdoor fly trap is a protective wood coating such as a clear gloss or even & protective wood stain to preserve & protect the wood that this trap is made out of & that holds it together. It has no protective coating or wood finish stain to protect it & make it last throughout the rainy seasons & the bitter dry, hot seasons which make wood crack & age easily. This trap needs this for sure to make it last longer by preserving & protecting the wood that holds it together. Those are the 2 important features that this handy & good looking fly trap is missing & needs for sure. Hopefully this fly trap will be improved sometime soon from me writing this product review here on the website that makes this trap.

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