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2-3 Gallon Sprayers

2-3 Gallon Sprayers

Choose from our selection of 2-3 gallon sprayers from the highest-quality brands!

A high quality sprayer is a must-have for every farm and garden. Sprayers are a necessary tool for foliar feeding, and for the delivery of many insecticides, fungicides, and herbicides.

We are proud to carry the famed Solo sprayers. The Solo name has been synonymous with quality sprayers for many years. Each Solo sprayer comes with a one-year or five-year limited warranty. We carry pump, battery, backpack, and hand models so it's simple to find the right sprayer for your job.

We also carry innovative sprayers from SP Systems with patented virtually leak-proof pumps. For those little jobs indoors we have spray bottles and hand pump sprayers. Finally, don't forget safety -- stock up on eye protection goggles and respirators.

3 Important Points About Sprayers

  • Use one sprayer for foliar feeding with fertilizers or liquid kelp, applying insecticides and pesticides.
  • Use a separate sprayer for applying herbicides.
  • Clean your sprayers well immediately after use. If you don't you will end up with clogged parts. Clean the sprayer by rinsing it out, filling it one-third of its capacity with clean water, spraying that water through it, and then letting it air dry.