RapiTest Soil Test Kit pH/N-P-K

Quick Soil Monitoring

Item Number: TM341


In Stock! Ships from Northern CA.


In Stock! Ships from Northern CA.


Check your soil for pH, and the macronutrients plants need: Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. If you are new to soil testing you will appreciate this fast, easy and fun way to achieve better growing results from your gardening efforts.

Mix soil sample with water, transfer some of the solution to the color comparator, add powder from the capsule, shake and watch the color develop. Note your test results in a few minutes.

  • Patented design
  • Everything is color-coded, including the color comparator films and capsules.
  • Contains 4 Color Comparators, 40 test capsules, 10 each for pH, N, P and K.
  • Includes complete instructions for adjusting soil pH, fertilization guidelines, and pH
  • Preference list for over 450 plants for home, yard, and garden


  • Tests for NPK
  • Tests for pH

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