Oakton pH Meter

Accurately Monitor pH

Item Number: TM350


In Stock! Ships from Northern CA.


In Stock! Ships from Northern CA.


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Use Instructions

Soil Sampling: Scoop up soil into a clean, dry plastic jar or plastic bag. Remove stones and crush any clumps of soil for better results. Gather two to three representative samples of each soil sample to confirm results. No sample preparation or preservative required.

Preparing Soil for Testing:

  • Place soil sample about ¾ full in sample jar and add distilled water to cover soil.
  • Cap jar and shake the soil vigorously a few times.
  • Let mixture stand 10 minutes to dissolve the salts in the soil.
  • Calibrate the pH tester with a pH 7 and a pH 10 buffer solution.
  • Remove the cap and place the pH tester into the wet soil slurry.
  • Measure pH and record measurement.

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Shipping Weight: 1.00 lbs. Dimensions: 7.25"L x 2.5"W x 2"H


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