Speedling Transplant Tray - 338 Cell

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Brand: Speedling    Item Number: GP001


In Stock! Ships from Northern CA.


In Stock! Ships from Northern CA.

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Shipping costs for this light, yet large item are estimates only. If the shipping cost differs from what our website charges, you will be contacted for approval.

Reusable polystyrene tray with individualized pyramid shaped cells which virtually eliminate transplant shock.

  • Undamaged roots, plants and all the soil pop out cleanly, no tearing or entangled roots
  • No spreading of root pests or diseases
  • A better root system (when the bottom of the tray is exposed to air, the taproot is air pruned thus feeder roots are directed downward instead of spiraling around the cell, enabling the plant to begin growing immediately after transplanting)
  • In addition, 95% (minimum) of Speedling transplants survive in the field.
  • Trays are reusable for many years.
  • Trays are 26-5/8" x 13-5/8" overall with slight variance on the height.
  • This tray has 338 cells which are 3/4" square x 1-3/4" deep


  • Air Prunes Roots
  • Use for Seed Starting
  • Use with Small Seeds

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Shipping Information

Shipping costs for this light, yet large item are estimates only. If the shipping cost differs from what our website charges, you will be contacted for approval. Up to 3 Speedling trays may be combined in a single package, but cannot be combined with other items.

Shipping Weight: 1.00 lbs. Dimensions: 26.5"L x 13.5"W x 2"H


very disappointed

It was a splurge for me to buy these; I usually just use egg cartons. I had hoped that the insulative quality of the styrofoam would help me in chilly Colorado spring. I dearly regret that I did not pay closer attention to the dimensions. I never dreamed the cell size would be so small, but once they arrived, I didn't want to return them and lose the cost of postage, so I forged ahead. These small cells are not only fussy to fill, but dry out very quickly in my high altitude environment. Transplanting from these teeny cells creates more problems. First off, my seedlings barely have their first set of true leaves, but they seem to be already outgrowing these small cells. Secondly, you need a fairy friend to get them out of the cells. I ended up fashioning a tool by filing down a plastic knife, but it seemed awfully rough on the little seedlings. Another oversight on my part was to assume that these trays would fit in a standard drain tray, which they do not. While I take responsibility for this assumption, I find it ecologically unconscionable that these are manufactured with such dimensions that one must purchase special drain trays.

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Amazing results!

I bought 4 of these trays this year for our church garden. I used pot of gold soil and had amazing results. Most of my seeds germinated within 3 days! Great product and great company!

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Love These Trays

I've been using these trays for years. My Aunt gave me her 10 year old used trays when they moved to town. I've finally worn them out after 15 years of use and forgetting them outside repeatedly. We live where it snows and I start my seeds in December-January. My seedlings have survived in an unheated cold frame with 3 inches on snow on top. I'm going to get more of these trays.

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If you use a perlite and peat mix like the directions recommend and water well once a day this tray is fabulous. I've never had better results growing from seeds.

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All I had was regular garden soil to start with and the holes plug up really fast, but after sifting that problem went away and you just have to be careful to not bump it too much or you have the opposite problem with all the dirt falling out. I am starting tomatoes in this tray and will review again in a few weeks but for now I say absolutely worth the money. sturdy, effective, space saving, and easy.

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