Total CV 1/2" Emitterline
(100 ft roll)

Pressure Compensating Non-Draining Emitterline

Item Number: IRP700


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Use in-line drip emitter tubing for coverage where meandering line is appropriate, such as landscape plantings of shrubs and perennials. Continuous, oval, polyethylene tubing with pressure compensating emitters installed internally, welded to the inside diameter of the tubing.

Innovative Cascade Labyrinth emitter design reduces clogging with its continuous self-cleaning design. However, adding a filter to the line is suggested. Minimum recommended screen filter is 150 mesh.

  • Made from 100% virgin resin, with no foams, fillers or additives. This makes for stronger, longer lasting tubing with no stress-cracking failures in the field. Designed to last at least 10 years.
  • Emitters: 12" spacing; 1.0 GPH flow rate/emitter
  • Tubing is 0.600 I.D. x 0.700 O.D.
  • Pressure: Pressure compensating over a range of 15-60 PSI; requires a minimum of 15 psi along the entire run of emitterline. (See maximum run lengths below.)
  • The tubing is oval, but can be used with our standard 1/2" fittings.

Maximum run length of emitterline at different pressures:

  • At 25 psi, max run length is 216 feet
  • At 35 psi, max run length is 278 feet
  • At 45 psi, max run length is 322 feet
  • At 55 psi, max run length is 357 feet


Type of Poly Tubing to Use Use with 1/2" Poly Tubing Emitter Style Drip
Gallons Per Hour (GPH) 1.0
Type of Poly Tubing to Use Use with 1/2" Poly Tubing
Emitter Style Drip
Gallons Per Hour (GPH) 1.0

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Shipping Information

Cannot ship via USPS. Cannot ship via SmartPost. Up to 4 100' rolls of poly tubing may be combined in a single package, but cannot be combined with other items.

Shipping Weight: 6.00 lbs. Dimensions: 23.5"L x 23.5"W x 4.5"H


Works well

I tried this emitterline vs the drip tape and it works great. Much sturdier than the drip tape. One thing I did find was that you should let the line warm up in the sun otherwise it is quite difficult to get the line pushed onto the Power-loc fittings. So far no fittings have been "pushed" off. Make sure you take off any low pressure regulators or all the emitters won't work.

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An oval shaped emitterline

I would prefer that this item be labeled so that the buyer knows that it is oval. I prefer a round emitter line since it seems to connect up much easier with fittings. Oval shaped lines also tend to \"push\" the fittings off in my climate due to extreme temperature fluctuations.

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