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Combat those pesky insects with beneficial insects!

The ladybug is perhaps the most famous of all beneficial insects. It is one of the most active predators, searching for food from dawn until dusk. It is capable of consuming 40-50 aphids per day, but will also eat a wide variety of other insects and larva including scales, mealybugs, leafhoppers, mites and other soft bodied insects and their eggs. The ladybug does not eat vegetation. Ladybugs are most effective if released before pest populations are large. Apply them early and allow them time to reduce your pest problem.

You will receive an average of 70,000 ladybugs per gallon, or 18,000 per quart or 4500 per netted bag. Generally, one quart of ladybugs will suffice for a large garden, but you may want to use more if pest density is high. Use one gallon for up to three acres. In orchards, use one gallon per acre. Grain crops may require as little as one gallon for every 10 acres. For melons and cucumbers, use one gallon for every 15 acres. For artichokes, use about 1 gallon for 10 acres. For alfalfa, a gallon for 10 acres around the time of the last frost is normally enough for the first release; after each cutting, a gallon for 15 acres is usually sufficient. For aphid control in corn, use one gallon for 10 acres.

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