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Cot-N-Candy® Aprium® Tree (Semi-dwarf) - FT072

The Development of Pluots and Friends

The Development of Pluots and Friends

Plant a Bare Root Fruit Tree

Plant a Bare Root Fruit Tree

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Trees ship out of our warehouse as soon as we receive them (Dec-Jan). Watch our Heeling In Bare Root Trees video if you won't be ready to plant when the trees arrive.

Semi-dwarf on Citation rootstock.

Zones: 7-9

Chill hours: 400

Harvest: June 15 - June 25

Looks: Apricot-plum hybrid that resembles an apricot. The skin has less fuzz and is often blushed with red.

Personality: Looks like an apricot, but has a distinctive flavor and texture all its own. Pleasant, lingering plum-like after taste.

Facts of note: Dave Wilson's Taste Test Top Scorer. The flesh tends to be denser than a full apricot, Cot-N-Candy® is a nice juicy Aprium®. Apriums®, like Pluots are interspecific complex hybrids of plum and apricot by Zaiger Genetics.

Pollination: Self-pollinated.

One of the earliest ripening fruits. Blooms very early; generally difficult to grow, especially in late frost areas. Needs well-drained, moderately fertile soil. Thin fruit early in season to maximize size and quality. Susceptible to bacterial canker, shot hole fungus, brown rot and peach twig borer. Harvest 2nd year. Citation Rootstock is tolerant of wet soil, induces early dormancy in dry soil, is very winter hardy, resists root knot nematodes, and produces a 12'-18' tree. By pruning you can keep your tree at any height.

Please Note: Although most of our bare-root trees arrive to our warehouse in mid-December, there are a few varieties -- Mulberry, Pecan, Persimmon, Quince, and Walnut -- that will not arrive until mid-January. If you order any of those varieties along with varieties that arrive in mid-December, your order will be delayed for shipment until mid-January unless you ask us to split your shipments and agree to pay any additional shipping charges resulting from two separate shipments.

Check out our Fruit Tree Harvest Chart to plan for successive harvests.

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