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Corn Gluten Meal (65 Lb) - F750

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Fast Release Nitrogen Source of 9-10% Nitrogen which is purely derived from vegetable protein. Caution must be used when applying this product, as it has germination inhibiting effects on seeds. After applying corn gluten, allow 1-4 months, depending on soil conditions and weather, before direct seeding into that ground. If soil temperatures and biological activity are low, the allelopathic effects can last up to 6 months. No danger in using on established plantings. Corn gluten is especially good for lawns and tends to be fast acting. Apply at 20-40 lb/1000 sq ft or 900-1800 lb/acre.

Note: While we are continuing to look for a source of organic corn gluten, we have been unable to locate any so far. Consequently, the corn gluten we now carry is from "conventional" sources and there is unfortunately no guarantee that it is free from any GMO corn.

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