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Black Mission Fig Tree (Standard) (Potted) - FT100

Planting a Potted Fruit Tree

Planting a Potted Fruit Tree

  • Up to 6 potted trees may be combined in a single package, but cannot be combined with other items.
  • Qualifies for $11.99 per package flat rate shipping in the Continental US.
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Zones: 7-9

Chill hours: 100

Harvest: August 10 to November 5

Looks: Large, purplish-black skin over strawberry red flesh.

Personality: Rich flavored fig, good fresh, dried or canned.

Facts of note: The favorite fig variety. Heavy bearing, long-lived tree, good on coast and inland. Well adapted to California, as it originated in the Spanish missions of the Golden State.

Pollination: Self-pollinated.

Sub-tropical, drought tolerant fruit tree. Figs are possibly the very first domesticated fruit. There is evidence of fig cultivation as early as 4,000 B.C. The sweetest figs develop when the daytime temperature regularly exceeds 95°F. Figs thrive in most soil types, as long as it's well-drained, and they will fruit in a variety of climates. They need hardly any cold period to produce fruit. Mature trees are hardy to 15°F. Will re-grow from roots if winter-killed. Trees grow to 25' tall and 40' wide if not pruned, and are really easy to train on a house, on a fence, etc. Figs need warm soil for their roots to start growing. Figs do not like to be planted as bare-roots and are difficult to establish, so we sell these No. 1 size trees (2’ to 3’) in pots to enhance their survival rate. Trees are 1 year old and should begin to fruit in same year you plant them.

Check out our Fruit Tree Harvest Chart to plan for successive harvests.

Customer Reviews

Great producer

Had these for several years now. Produce liuke crazy early and late crops. We live in NY. We take it indoors in an uinheatd backroom for the winter. Gave a couple to our son in Florida and it has taken forever and still looks like its on its last legs. Finally have a few figs that formed in 2012 but never matured. We in NY on the other hand couldn't ask for a more productive delicious fig.

Review by (on )

My sad little Fig still looks like a stick in the ground. I had 2 small buds about a month ago, but then we got snow and the green turned to brown. I was about to give up, as it was planted 2 months ago, but I did the scratch test and it was green and very much alive. Now, although from 5 ft away it still looks like the stick it has supporting it, there are 3 leaves! This makes me very happy and I check its progress daily. So, be patient! Some trees (obviously) take a lot longer than others to show signs of life.

Review by (on )

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