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Peaceful Valley Good Bug Blend - Nitrocoated

Provide a Habitat for Beneficial Insects

Brand: Peaceful Valley    Item Number: PBE970


In Stock! Ships from Northern CA.


In Stock! Ships from Northern CA.

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Beneficial insects are a natural army of pest control allies and it is important to provide them with suitable living conditions if you expect their help. In order to reproduce, beneficial insects need nectar and pollen. If they do not find these in your field (and they are very particular about which flowers they want), they will leave and may not return.

We pioneered these seed mixes to create a beneficial insect habitat. We designed our mix to include plants that are proven hosts to specific wild as well as introduced beneficials, such as predatory mites and wasps, ladybugs, lacewings, syrphids, tachnids, predacious beetles and many more.

Good Bug Blend has been field-proven for over a decade in large and small scale growing areas. Since the mix blooms nearly year round, Good Bug Blend should be planted in areas which can go a little wild, such as field borders, ditchbanks, fence rows, etc.

  • Generally, you need to plant only 1-5% of your land with this mix for good results.
  • Drill or broadcast seed at 10-15 lb/acre .5 lb/1,000 sq ft in any but the coldest months of the year.
  • Blooms begin 45-90 days after planting and will continue for years.

Contains the following seeds: Crimson Clover, Red Clover, Nungarin Subclover, Yellow Sweet Clover, Hykon Rose Clover, White Clover, Semi & Non Dormant Alfalfa, Coriander, Daikon Radish, Dill, Red Radish, Carrot, Calendula, California Buckwheat, Baby's Breath, Sweet Alyssum, White Yarrow, Caraway, Celery, Chervil, Fennel, and Parsley.

NOTE to Certified Organic Growers: The seed in this Good Bug Blend is conventional seed, but the legumes in the mix are coated with Nitro-Coat Organic, which is an OMRI listed coating. This coating uses all organic ingredients: the proper rhizobacteria, a Calcium Carbonate coating that is naturally water absorbing to speed seed germination, and an OMRI listed organic adhesive.


Sales Unit Lb Application Season Fall, Spring, Summer
Brand Peaceful Valley
Sales Unit Lb
Application Season Fall, Spring, Summer
Brand Peaceful Valley

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Shipping Weight: 1.05 lbs. Dimensions: 8"L x 6"W x 2"H


Love Love Love this good bug mix!

I planted this on my side yard and it completely covered the ground with amazingly beautiful plants and flowers that bloomed the entire season and brought lots of honey bees in for the clovers! I have since ordered it in bulk! I highly recommend this as an excellent cover crop for beneficials and beauty!

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Excellent product!

I love the Good Bug Blend. It not only attracts and feeds a wealth of good bugs in my garden, the plants are also beautiful and useful. I have used many of the herbs, such as dill in my cooking, and my neighbors have complemented me on the flowers such as crimson clover and pot marigold.My family also enjoyed eating some of the daikon and red radishes, not to mention the carrots! I have not had to apply any products to my lettuce, as the aphid population has been kept under control. thank you so much for this product. I can see why it is sold by the pound.

Reviewed by on

very good product to retain and feed good bugs

We planted this in our back yard around the base of our block wall to offer a benifical habitat for good bugs for our veg. garden and fruit trees. We live in kingman az. with the heat and cold the bug mix grows really well all year. Even the snow and frost in the winter wouldn't hurt it. In the spring the good bugs came out and worked our garden and trees. I highly recomend this product. jented

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