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Honey Bee Lure - PBE945

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Pheromone Lure to Attract Pollinating Honey Bees Easy, inexpensive and long-lasting method for increasing your fruit set and yields on your fruit trees, berries and vegetables. The Honey Bee Magnet is a blend of selected pheromones researchers have identified that attract worker bees to potential food sources (flowers). These are natural attractants often found in fruit and vegetable flowers and are non-toxic. Simply hang one lure per large fruit tree or 200 sq feet in your garden at the start of bloom, and the attractant will last for 2 weeks (even if it rains). Continue to replace lures until pollination activity subsides in the garden. The only product of its type on the market, the Honey Bee Magnet is superior to spray attractants which are messy, more time-consuming to apply, and require re-application after 1-3 days if it rains.

  • Item Model Number: PBE945
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  • Product Use Instructions: Honey Bee Lure Instructions - 1mb

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