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Conventionally Grown Garlic, Music (lb) - FP500

Garlic, Music
How To Grow Garlic

How To Grow Garlic

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Porcelain Hardneck with Really Large Cloves

Please Note: This year's Music Garlic looks somewhat different than it has in the past. Garlic is a great “adaptor”. Given different light conditions, length of winter, and shorter or longer growing seasons, any given variety can manifest differently. One of these variables is the amount of cloves the plant produces. This year’s Music crop manifested with more cloves than usual (about 7-10 cloves per bulb), because of the extreme weather conditions in the Northeast last winter, and an unusual lack of light during the growing season. All things being equal the cloves will produce a regularporcelain bulb next growing season of 4-7 cloves. Still, a great tasting garlic!

  • This is one of the most popular hardnecks
  • An aromatic, slightly spicy, incredibly flavorful garlic
  • Potent heat that is balanced by the spiciness
  • Use in mashed potatoes or with seafood
  • Produces between 4 and 7 LARGE, easy to peel cloves per bulb, with shiny-white sheaths and pink-tinged clove skins
  • Disease resistant
  • 2" and larger diameter bulbs
  • Easy to grow and very cold hardy
  • Grown in Canada

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Customer Reviews

Talk is cheap, I got the Blue Ribbon!

Talk is cheap, but I got the Blue Ribbon at the Mendocino (CA) County Fair!!! My largest garlic head weighed in @ 140 grams or 5 oz. (2.5 months after harvest). I would be delighted to send a photo, but I am not sure how to do it.
We love music garlic!!!
Thanks to, for Music Garlic seed stock!!!
Happy gardening to all!

Review by (on )
Big cloves and great flavor

This is one of my favorite garlics to grow. It is reliable to germinate and produce large bulbs with a great garlic flavor.

Review by (on )
Huge cloves

The best I've done yet. I planted 1.8 pounds last year. I just separated my cloves to plant. Now I have 1.1 pounds.
Most of my bulbs only had 2 cloves but they were huge

Review by (on )

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