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PVFS Omega-3 Chicken Forage Blend - Irrigated - Nitrocoated Seed (lb) - SPI800

PVFS Omega-3 Chicken Forage Blend - Irrigated - Nitrocoated Seed (lb) PVFS Omega-3 Chicken Forage Blend - Irrigated - Nitrocoated Seed (lb) PVFS Omega-3 Chicken Forage Blend - Irrigated - Nitrocoated Seed (lb) PVFS Omega-3 Chicken Forage Blend - Irrigated - Nitrocoated Seed (lb) PVFS Omega-3 Chicken Forage Blend - Irrigated - Nitrocoated Seed (lb) PVFS Omega-3 Chicken Forage Blend - Irrigated - Nitrocoated Seed PVFS Omega-3 Chicken Forage Blend - Irrigated - Nitrocoated Seed
Pasture Troubleshooting

Pasture Troubleshooting

Pasture Management

Pasture Management

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Improves Egg Quality and Chickens Love It!

Omega-3 fatty acids are an important component of a healthy diet. One way to get this substance in our food is to eat eggs from chickens raised on a diet that promotes the formation of Omega-3s right in the egg.

This blend is planted for chicken forage to achieve this high Omega-3 result. University studies show significantly higher Omega-3s in eggs from hens who can forage in pasture instead of just eating an industrial diet. Our mix has the alfalfa, clover, and flax that increase Omega-3s in eggs.

  • Application Rate: 2-3 pounds per 1,000 sq. ft. or 50 pounds per acre
  • Inoculant: None needed, is nitrocoated
  • Plant Height: 2-3'
  • Uses: Forage for chickens and other fowl.
  • Facts to Note: Contains Tetrelite intermediate ryegrass, Tetraploid perennial ryegrass, Common Flax, Buckwheat, Tetraploid annual ryegrass, Japanese Millet in Spring and Summer or Ryegrain in Fall and winter, Red clover (OMRI listed coating), Strawberry clover (OMRI listed coating), Alfalfa (OMRI listed coating), Ladino clover (OMRI listed coating), Broadleaf Trefoil (OMRI listed coating)

PLANTING: Plant annually after danger of frost has passed. Caution: Flax can form prussic acid when exposed to frost so do not graze horses on this mix. Keep moist until germination (5-10 days) and then water regularly, depending on your soil type.

SOWING IN SOIL: Keep your birds away from the newly seeded area or they will eat the seed before it has a chance to germinate. When the mix is 2-5" tall turn the chickens loose on the planted area until they have eaten the grasses about half way down.

SOWING IN FLATS: For chickens that stay in runs, plant some Forage Blend in a 17" square flat. Add soil, sow thickly, follow the growing instructions above, then place the flat in the chicken run and let them eat it all up.

Chicken foraging photos courtesy of Jayme Jenkins, Nest In Style blog (growing in a flat tray); and Bonnie Manion, Vintage Garden Gal blog (growing in a round shape inside a removable wire cylinder). Thanks to the bloggers and their hens.

NOTE to Certified Organic Growers: The legume seed in this mix is coated with Nitro-Coat Organic, an OMRI listed organic coating. This coating uses all organic ingredients: the proper rhizobacteria, a Calcium Carbonate coating that is naturally water absorbing to speed seed germination, and an OMRI listed organic adhesive.

Customer Reviews

wonderful product! chickens love it!

I started using this product a couple years ago and I'm hooked! I plant the seeds in my chicken run and they eat it up! When they have mowed down the pasture In the run I will plant them flats of it to have on hand! I'm happy knowing how nutritious it is for them! It grows relatively fast and it's very affordable. I am a life long customer now! Thank you peaceful valley!

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Great product !

I planted a flat of this great blend and let it grow for two weeks, at that point it was full and about 3 inches tall. I \"served \" it to my hens and they devoured it! What a fun treat for the girls!

Review by (on )
Great Blend for your Chickens

Last year I planted the chicken forage mix in a 10'x10' plot and it just kept growing and growing! It is a fast grower making it easy to succession sow if you are using trays. I also have planted in trays but I've found that the chickens will not only chomp down all the lovely green bits but also have all the soil emptied into the run; this isn't really a problem but I sheer the pasture down and give to them instead . . . and they seem to have just as much fun.<br /><br />I am planting it again this year as it was a hit with the chickens!<br /><br />I've seen other blends out there but some cost an arm and a leg; this is a huge quantity of seeds for a great price!

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My girls loved this!

Since I fenced in my 6 hens I decided to dedicate about 150 sq ft of my garden to a <br />\"chicken run\", so I sacrificed my garden space and planted about 1/3 of this seed, kept the girls out for a few weeks until it took root then let them at it! They were in chicken heaven! regretfully one day they got in without my supervision and had the ground thoroughly tilled in about 2 hours, so I am waiting until our last frost date has passed to plant the rest of the seed. I surely recommend this for a healthy chicken (and therefore a healthy egg).

Review by (on )
Grows fast and chickens love it!

In just 3-4 weeks I have a lush pasture for my chickens. So far it is holding up well to their foraging. Thanks!

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