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Garden Planning & Crop Rotation

September 8, 2012 - GrowOrganic
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Want to be an advanced vegetable gardener? You will be when you know which vegetables are in which families. This is crucial info for healthy crop rotation in your garden (and you’ll be able to astonish your friends with new vocabulary like cucurbits). You can memorize all the vegetable families—or just bookmark this article and check on it before you plant each season. Crop rotation sounds like one of those headachey projects involving graph paper and Number 2 pencils. It’s not…
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Video Transcript
Hi I'm Tricia, an organic gardener my harvest is in full swing but that doesn't mean i'm resting on my tomatoes i'm planing this year's fall garden and next year spring garden.

A garden plan is really beneficial you can sketch up a quick one no artistic talent is necessary or there are free online services such as smart gardener.com they can really help. A garden plan will help you plant, successively rotate crops, use space wisely, companion plant and plant plants where they're supposed to be planted. For succession planting grow plants together that have a similar growing season like peppers and tomatoes since they finish at about the same time. I can easily harvest them all at once and replant the bed right away with a fall crop another way to plant successively is to stagger your plantings of crops such as lettuce and greens for a continuous supply space them by about every two weeks. Be sure to rotate crops don't plant the same plants from the same family in the same spot one year after another.

Eggplants, peppers, tomatoes and potatoes are all in the nightshade family don't plant in the same spot more than once every three years the same thing is true for the allium family which includes onions, leeks and garlic. A garden plan helps you make the most of your space if you have a small garden. Don't plant sprawling melons or squash without a way to vertically trellis them. Did you know that some plants were actually garden buddies you can plant some plants together in the same bed and then they actually help each other grow like tomatoes and carrots; roses and garlic are another set of friends this book "Carrots Love Tomatoes" is a great resource. For more companion planting pairs think about the sun and shade in your garden for example i planted this corn to the south of my greens to provide a little bit of afternoon shade.

When planting your perennial vegetables like rhubarb or grapes plant them at the borders so that they won't get disturbed when you plant your annual plants. Another part of your garden plan is to decide what you're gonna plant from seed and what you're gonna plant from transplants for a fall garden check out our planting calculator on grow organic.com input your frost dates and whether you'll be using frost protection and get dates to start transplants and dates to direct seed plan your garden and grow organic for life!

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Janet L Fisher, Retired Aerospce Researcher Says:
Sep 17th, 2012 at 1:11 pm

This was great!  Your planters are a little like mine in my enabled square-foot garden that I do ALL from my Rascal Scooter.  Mine were made from my 5 yeat old redwood fence boards.  They are different lengths but 0nly 2 ft wide so I can reach across.  My constructor, John, put drip lines in the latest boxes and wire arches from box to box for the feeder lines, so I can drive under, not over.  I started pole beans on the arches.  I have a 22 slide, slide show (windows photo gallery) if you would like a view!  I had your bumper sticker on a box out front, but the wet wood sort of let it curl.
Love every thing I got from you!  The cylendar beets have the best greens!

Charlotte, Peaceful Valley Says:
Oct 1st, 2012 at 7:54 am

Janet, What wonderful raised beds you have! It’s inspiring to hear that you do so much gardening from a scooter! We’d love to see your irrigation arches covered with green beans—and more of your garden. If you’re on Facebook, please post photos on our Page there so everyone can see them https://www.facebook.com/GrowOrganic

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