Goji Berry Tree - Phoenix Tears (Each) - FV372

Goji Berry Tree - Phoenix Tears (Each) Goji Berry Tree - Phoenix Tears (Each)
Growing Goji Berries

Growing Goji Berries

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When placing your bare root orders, please be aware that AS SOON as the trees/plants are available to ship (Dec. for trees, Jan. for plants), we will begin shipping IMMEDIATELY - no matter where you are located !!!

There are several factors why we must ship immediately:

  • We can only ship bare root items when they are dormant. With us being located in CA, trees/plants can come out of dormancy well before the rest of the nation is ready to plant.
  • We receive our bare root items in successive deliveries. We need to move them out quickly, as our space is limited.
  • It is very challenging, if not impossible, to keep track of who gets what when dealing with ten's of thousands of trees/plants and 200 varieties over 3 months, hence we must adhere to our policy.


When your order arrives, you should remove it from the outside elements before nightfall. If you will not be present at the destination when the order will be delivered, you should either ship the order to another location or make sure someone will be there to take care of your order.

While your order is hardy enough to withstand freezing temperatures in its box, you definitely should not leave it outside in sub-zero temperatures for days on end.

AS IMPORTANTLY, you then need to open the box, remove the trees/plants from their plastic bag, store them in a basement, cellar or garage, covering their roots with sand, dirt, sawdust or wood chips (do not use cedar that is toxic to the trees) and keep them moist until you are able to plant them in the ground in Spring.

Botanical Name: Lycium barbarum

  • Zones: 3-10
  • Harvest: Mid-Summer through first frost.
  • Bush Habit: Unpruned it grows to between 10 and 13 feet tall with a spread of 4 feet. It has upright sprouts with long lateral branches with a weeping habit.
  • Fruit: Red to red-orange berries
  • Facts of note: Goji berries are easy to grow, container adaptable and drought tolerant. They do require alkaline soil with a pH between 6.8 and 8.1. Do not apply any nitrogen and they really don't need any fertilizer. The Phoenix Tears variety was discovered in 2004 on a ranch in western Utah near the historic site of a transcontinental railroad camp where primarily Chinese workers resided. The mother plant is thought to be a chance seedling planted by accident back in the days of the transcontinental railroad construction. Phoenix Tears is a productive, almost thornless variety of goji berry.

For centuries the Chinese have used parts of the entire goji plant for food or medicine. Use of stems and leaves is little known in the United States, but the highest concentrations of healthful antioxidants can be found in the leaves. Fruit in the health food market in the form of dried berries and juice is more familiar.

For successful growth, is critical that the soil pH remain at 6.8 or higher. High nitrogen is not recommended for these plants. One year old roots.

Customer Reviews

It fruited!

I bought a Phoenix Tears goji berry this winter. The tiny little stick didn't look like much, but I watched the video and followed directions. Soon it sprouted and by late summer it looked just like the photo. Friends here tell me that their goji berries never yielded fruit and they took them out after several years. Phoenix Tears is a winner.

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Strong Plant

I ordered this Phoenix Tears variety in Mid Feb 2015 and its now June 2nd. Arived about 1 ft tall. I Live in Phoenix Arizona and the plant has performed very well. I have even cut it back once this year already. Strong growth and already picked a berry from it. Loves it here.

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Surprising early growth

I think the plant arrived in early February and the little twig was so small (less than 3" long) I almost did not find it in the big shipping bag full of sawdust. I planted it in a 1.5 gallon pot and hoped that it might grow as it has very little roots. I watered it in but made sure it did not get soggy wet, just moist. One day I noticed the three little buds bulging green. Now it is April 14 and it is OVER 4 ft tall! The leaves are twice as large as my other goji bushes I have had for 4 years. I am anxious to see how it fruits as it has very nice branching as well. Cant give it a 5 star until it fruits of course.

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grow extremely fast

When we received them on January 13 or 14, they already had little green shoots and buds sprouting out of the root. We got them into pots within a couple of days, and in less than a month the green buds have already opened and extended five inches! It's been a pleasure to watch them grow literally day by day. I can't wait for berries!

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Fantastic plants

I got 2 plants last year from Peaceful Valley. They were amazing, 3 feet tall by late summer and even harvested a few goji berries the 1st year. They might have done even better if a hail storm hadn't destroyed my garden in July.

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didn't leaf out

I was so excited to receive the goji berry bit after following the instructions and giving extra attention only one lot leaves. PV wouldn't give me a credit very dissapointing and a huge waste of money and time!

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On time and as promised

I ordered 3 of these back in October and was informed they wouldn't ship till mid January. I was a little wary about paying for something now and trusting the company to follow through several months later but I took the chance. Sure enough mid january they showed up. 3 little twigs that looked like they wouldn't amount to anything. I placed each in it's own small pot gave them some water and thought \"this was a wast of money\". Man was I wrong! These little guys are really getting after it! All three have sprouted leaves after only 2 weeks. I still have another 2 months at least before I can transplant outside and if they keep growing at this rate I'll have a real jungle here in the house. Can\"t wait to see how they do outside.

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