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Collard Greens - Champion - Brassica oleracea var. acephala

Biennial Heirloom. Collards tolerate more heat and frost than any other member of the cabbage family. Champion collards are a trusty, widely adapted variety. The dark green leaves a have a delicious cabbage flavor. This is a great variety for over-wintering and holds up to two weeks longer than many other collards. The leaves have a waxy coating that is a natural protection from cabbage worms.

Soil and Water: Provide ample, even water. These greens prefer deeply worked soil rich in organic matter. They need adequate nitrogen to develop the darkest leaf color.

Planting and Growing: Direct sow four weeks before the last frost. Plant in rows three feet apart. Plant 8-10 weeks before the first frost for fall crops.

Harvesting and Storage: Thin seedlings to six inches apart and use the thinnings as micro-greens. Harvest whole plants when they begin to touch to increase spacing to 18 inches. Pick off outer leaves on the plants left when they reach 10-12 inches tall.

Did You Know? The name collards is a corruption of the Anglo-Saxon word "coleworts" which means "cabbage plants".

Soil Temperature: 45-85°F
Planting Depth: 1/4"-1/2"
Germination: 5-10 Days
Height At Maturity: 24"-36"
Sun/Shade: Partial Sun
Spacing After Thinning: 6"-18"
Approx Seeds per Pack: 250 Seeds

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Customer Reviews

Awesome veggie!

I planted 4 of these in my first garden venture beyond peppers and tomatoes along with a variety of other items. These were some of my best producers (even with my limited knowledge and experience :)! Each plant provided at least two large pots full of leafy greens, going well into fall and surviving 2 mild freezes before giving out. They need about a square foot or 10 inches per plant and get over 2 feet tall. Mine got 6-8 hours of sun where they were planted. Caterpillars love them so use an organic pest spray on the leaves every 7 to 10 days and check the leaf bottoms for pests (we had super light green caterpillars looking critters that would eat holes in unprotected leaves, though even those leaves tasted fine once critters were removed). Each leaf can get as large as a dinner plate in size and even larger. YouTube has great ideas on how to cook these delicious collards. I will plant 4 to 6 again this spring to grow my own super green power food! Southern cooking ingredients at their finest :)!

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Hardy Plant

This variety froze solid and kept going- Then temps exceeded 90 degrees and it kept on going. I finally pulled it up because I needed some space and the aphids found it. The leaves get huge, but the flavor of the young shoots is unbeatable.

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