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Growing Cucumbers

Growing Cucumbers

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Cucumber - Muncher - Cucumis sativus

Tender Annual Smooth, medium green 9" long fruits. Strong vigorous vines produce an abundant supply of tender, burpless cucumbers. Muncher is aptly named because these non-bitter cucumbers can be eaten like an apple straight from the garden! They are also well suited to pickling if they are picked at 4"-6" long.

Soil & Water: Plant cucumbers in hills or mounds with plenty of added organic matter. Sow 6-7 seeds in a hill, thinning to the 3 best vines.

Planting & Growing: In cool regions, start seeds indoors 10-14 days before the last frost, or sow seeds directly when the soil is at least 70F. Plant seeds 18" apart if trellised or 36" apart if left to sprawl.

Harvesting & Storage: Harvest while small to medium-sized for best flavor. Keep harvesting fruit, even if misshapen, to keep vines productive.

Did You Know? Muncher is Cucumber Mosaic Virus resistant.

Soil Temperature: 70-95F
Planting Depth: 1/2"
Germination: 3-10 Days
Height At Maturity: 1'-4'
Days To Maturity: 59-65 Days
Sun/Shade: Full Sun
Spacing After Thinning: 18"-48"
Approx Seeds per Pack: 50 Seeds

Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply brand vegetable seeds from packs are guaranteed to germinate. Once the seeds have sprouted, please understand that Peaceful Valley cannot be held responsible for the many uncontrollable growing and climatic conditions that must be met to insure the success of your crop(s).

Peaceful Valley brand vegetable seeds are all non-GMO and Certified Organic.
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Customer Reviews

So many so fast!

I started 2 seeds in April, not expecting much since I was new to gardening. The seedlings looked sick at the beginning, I think it might be because of the wind, after I put up a windshield, they started growing fast! They are big producers, I couldn't eat them fast enough that I had to give a lot away to my friends. One negative is that the cucumbers have little thorns that I have to scrub off, another is that they produce too fast, or it can be a positive if you want a lot of cucumbers fast, and I haven't even had time to fertilize yet and they're already producing so many so fast!

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