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Organic Bean, Fava Broad Windsor (1/2 lb) - SNV5429

Organic Bean, Fava Broad Windsor Organic Bean, Fava Broad Windsor Organic Bean, Fava Broad Windsor Organic Bean, Fava Broad Windsor
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Produces Large Beans for Shelling

Bean - Fava Broad Windsor - Vicia faba

Hardy Annual Bush. Heirloom. This is the classic, large-seeded English fava with strong, upright plants bearing 3-5 very large, tender, light-green seeds for fresh shelling. The mature, light-brown seeds are excellent in soups and hummus.

Did You Know? Also called Horse or Broad bean, the Fava is not really a bean at all, but a member of the pea-vetch family.

Soil & Water: Legumes like well-drained soil rich in organic matter with a moderate amount of nutrients. Water lightly at planting, moderately at flowering, and heavily throughout harvest time. Avoid overhead watering.

Planting & Growing: This tall legume is deep-rooted. Where winter lows stay above 10°F (-12°C) sow in September. Cold climates sow in the spring. Raw seed requires Pea-Vetch or Garden Combination inoculant. Avoid hot weather.

Harvesting & Storage: Long pods are filled with large, edible beans which are popular fresh, dried or pickled. Each 5-6" pod contains 3-5 large, fresh green shell beans.

Soil Temperature: 50-80°F
Planting Depth: 1"
Germination: 6-12 Days
Height At Maturity: 4’
Days to Maturity: 70 Days
Sun/Shade: Full sun
Spacing After Thinning: 4"-6"
Approx Seeds per Pack: 115 Seeds

Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply brand vegetable seeds from packs are guaranteed to germinate. Once the seeds have sprouted, please understand that Peaceful Valley cannot be held responsible for the many uncontrollable growing and climatic conditions that must be met to insure the success of your crop(s). Peaceful Valley brand vegetable seeds are all non-GMO and Certified Organic.
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