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Safer Insecticidal Soap Concentrate (Pint) - PMB600

Safer Insecticidal Soap Concentrate (Pint)
Getting Rid of Aphids

Getting Rid of Aphids



  • Not registered for sale in: AK, HI, PR
  • In stock. Ships from our warehouse in Northern California.

Kills Insects on Contact

A staple in organic pest control, this contact insecticidal soap is derived from potassium salts and is totally biodegradable as well as environmentally safe. It works as a smothering and desiccating agent on a wide variety of insects

  • Listed to control Adelgids, Mealybugs, Spider Mites, Aphids, Plant Bugs, Tent Caterpillars, Earwigs, Psyllids, Thrips, Whitefly, Grasshoppers, Sawfly Larvae, Wooly Aphids, Lace Bugs, Scales, and Leafhoppers.
  • For most applications of this product, using 2.5 oz per gallon of water; 16 oz of concentrate makes up to 6.4 gallons of diluted product.
  • Read and follow the label, can be found under the More Info tab

Important Information for Certified Organic Growers

We do our best to update our product's organic status, however the status of any product can change at anytime without notice from the manufacturer. Please confirm that the product is allowed by your certifying agency and that it's still OMRI Listed® at

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