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Blueberry Bush

About blueberry bushes

Your climate region zone is one of the keys for selecting varieties. Gardeners in warmer climates can enjoy growingblueberries by choosing one of the Southern Highbush varieties, these have chill requirements as low as 100 hours. Southern Highbush do require at least two varieties for cross-pollination and fruiting (any two varieties will do, regardless of ripening time).

Northern highbush perfect for northern regions that receive 1000 hour or more of chill, these are primarily self pollinating, but benefit from better pollination and larger fruit when planted with a second selections.

Blueberries have early, mid and late fruiting varieties which can provide your garden with up to 90 days of fruit by planting some from each.

Grow in acidic, well–drained soil. Cottonseed meal is an excellent fertilizer for blueberries along with good quality compost and peat moss.

Sold as single bare-root plants which are 14"+. Shipping weight 3 lb/plant.

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