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Organic Shallots, French Red (lb) - FP400

fp400-a.jpg Organic Shallots, French Red
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Excellent Mild, Rich Onion Flavor

  • French Red Shallots are an indispensable staple in French cuisine
  • Mid-sized, and very tasty shallot
  • Very tolerant and can be grown in acidic soil down to 5.0 pH, but prefers 6.0-6.8 pH
  • Plant in fertile, well-drained soil
  • Approximately 5 heads per lb., 3-4 cloves per head or bulb

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Garlic Guarantee

Inspect your entire garlic shipment upon arrival, as you must notify us of any problem within 3 days of receipt.

We strive to bring you viable, good sized, reasonably priced seed. We are so confident that you will be satisfied with our garlic that if any heads you receive do not meet your expectation, you can return un-cracked bulbs for a refund, excluding shipping costs.

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Customer Reviews

Nice mild flavor

These are a nice alternative to red onions, with a milder flavor. They didn't store too well, though -- gotta use them fast!

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Just harvested some from a self watering container and they are HUGE!

Review by (on )

Just harvested some from a self watering container and they are HUGE!

Review by (on )
Wonderful shallots!

I planted these in the winter and am harvesting them now! They are delicious! Each single shallot that I planted has grown to 5 or 6! They were very easy to grow and I will grow them again next year for sure.

Review by (on )
French Red Shallots

The shallots were great quality and we got quite a few bulbs in a pound. We're already seeing growth!

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