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Speedling Transplant Tray - 200 Cell - GP003

Growing Seedlings

Growing Seedlings

  • Up to 3 Speedling trays may be combined in a single package, but cannot be combined with other items.
  • In stock. Ships from our warehouse in Northern California.
Shipping costs for this light, yet large item are estimates only. If the shipping cost differs from what our website charges, you will be contacted for approval.

Speedlings are our best selling transplant containers. Reusable polystyrene tray with individualized pyramid shaped cells which virtually eliminate transplant shock. Advantages: undamaged roots (plants and all the soil pop out cleanly); no tearing or entangled roots, no spreading of root pests or diseases; a better root system (when the bottom of the tray is exposed to air, the taproot is air pruned promoting the growth of feeder roots that are directed downward instead of spiraling around the cell, enabling the plant to begin growing immediately after transplanting); reduced damping off (due to excellent drainage). In addition, 95% (minimum) of Speedling transplants survive in the field. Trays are reusable for many years. For more about growing with Speedlings, see the Product Use Instructions, below. Note: all trays are 26-5⁄8 x 13-5⁄8 overall with slight variance on the height. This tray has 200 cells which are 1 square x 3 deep.

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