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Apricot Trees

About Apricot Trees

One of the earliest ripening fruits. Blooms very early; may be challenging to grow in late frost areas. Needs well-drained, moderately fertile soil. Susceptible to bacterial canker, shot hole fungus, brown rot and peach twig borer.

All apricots are on Citation Rootstock except Pixie Cot (Nemaguard). Citation Rootstock is tolerant of wet soil, induces early dormancy in dry soil, is very winter hardy, resists root knot nematodes, and produces a 12'-18' tree. Trees are 2 years old and should begin to fruit in their 3rd year.

All our dormant trees (except Pecan trees) and berries come with a limited replacement guarantee.

Selecting the Perfect Tree

For best success, be sure to choose a tree that will grow in your USDA zone, has an appropriate number of chill hours for your climate. If a pollinator is needed, make sure they're planted within 50 feet of each other and will bloom at the same time. Finally, what are your desired harvest intervals (all at once for canning or spread out for fresh eating)? Enjoy!


When placing your bare root orders, please be aware that AS SOON as the trees/plants are available to ship (Dec. for trees, Jan. for plants), we will begin shipping IMMEDIATELY - no matter where you are located !!!

There are several factors why we must ship immediately:

  • We can only ship bare root items when they are dormant. With us being located in CA, trees/plants can come out of dormancy well before the rest of the nation is ready to plant.
  • We receive our bare root items in successive deliveries. We need to move them out quickly, as our space is limited.
  • It is very challenging, if not impossible, to keep track of who gets what when dealing with ten's of thousands of trees/plants and 200 varieties over 3 months, hence we must adhere to our policy.


When your order arrives, you should remove it from the outside elements before nightfall. If you will not be present at the destination when the order will be delivered, you should either ship the order to another location or make sure someone will be there to take care of your order.

While your order is hardy enough to withstand freezing temperatures in its box, you definitely should not leave it outside in sub-zero temperatures for days on end.

AS IMPORTANTLY, you then need to open the box, remove the trees/plants from their plastic bag, store them in a basement, cellar or garage, covering their roots with sand, dirt, sawdust or wood chips (do not use cedar that is toxic to the trees) and keep them moist until you are able to plant them in the ground in Spring.

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Growing Instructions Included with every order or simply download the PDF on How to Plant Bare Root Fruit Trees.

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