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Weck Canning Jar - Mini Tulip Jelly (7.4 oz) (Case of 6) - HM505

Weck Canning Jar - Mini Tulip Jelly (7.4 oz) (Case of 6)
Seed Saving

Seed Saving

How to Make Yogurt

How to Make Yogurt

  • Up to 4 cases of Weck canning jars may be combined in a single package, but cannot be combined with other items.
  • In stock. Ships from our warehouse in Northern California.

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BPA-Free Canning Jars

This size and shaped Weck jar is ideal for single servings of yogurt or applesauce (see our videos). It's a perfect size for canning gifts of jam, jelly, relish or chutney. Many of our customers use Weck jars as household and desktop organizing containers too!

  • Holds 7.4 fl oz.
  • Comes as a case of 6 easy to fill jars
  • Rubber rings and clips are included
  • Glass is microwave safe
  • Wide openings make for easy cleanup
  • Easy open jars with glass lids that will not rust
  • Small rubber ring replacements are available

The Weck company has been providing canning equipment in Europe since 1900. Weck does not produce home-canning jars with mechanical sealing devices and the reason is safety!

In case the contents of a jar should spoil for any reason, the gases formed by spoilage inside the jar must be free to push up the lid so that it lies loosely on top of the jar.

For this extremely important reason of personal safety, a reason which is still more important than the practical ones mentioned, WECK has consistently refused to produce jars with mechanical wire bail seals for home-canning purposes. In case of spoilage, these mechanical seals cannot produce the strikingly clear warning signal of the loose lid.

  • Item Model Number: HM505
  • Shipping Dimensions: 11 x 6.5 x 4 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 5 pounds

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