Quick Click Fittings

About quick click fittings: see how easy it is to get attached

These systems solve the age-old problem of attaching and reattaching a hose from a faucet, or a sprinkler from a hose. Simple push-to-connect, pull-to-release parts come with connections that rotate freely.

We simply refuse to garden without these fast ways to attach and detach hoses. Claber and Gardena® brand parts are interchangeable.

Create independent outlets and have easy water access to your balcony and patio with Claber faucet connectors. Designed to handle high and low water pressure, they are ideal for outdoor and indoor use, such as attaching different sprinklers for various parts of your garden, hooking to a watering wand for access to hanging baskets or the back of a border, and changing sprayers from hose ends. All Claber products have a 2-year warranty.

All Gardena® products come with a 12-month warranty.