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Garlic Combo Pack - FP600

Garlic Combo Pack fp600-a.jpg
How To Grow Garlic

How To Grow Garlic

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Sampler Provides a Diverse, Spicy Bounty

Enjoy a big and varied yield!  This sampler will allow you to try several varieties for a great price. Plant all these cloves and you could yield 80 to 100 heads of garlic and shallots. Fill your garden with flavor!

Combo Pack Contains:

Not sold by weight but by the combo pack. Varieties and organic status of given varieties may be substituted without prior notice based on availability.

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Garlic Satisfaction Guarantee

Inspect your entire garlic shipment upon arrival, as you must notify us of any problem within 3 days of receipt (as for any perishable merchandise).

We strive to bring you viable, good sized, reasonably priced seed. We are so confident that you will be satisfied with our garlic that if any bulb you receive does not meet your expectation, you can return un-cracked bulbs for a refund, excluding shipping costs (both directions).

Please read our Limitation of Remedy here.

  • Item Model Number: FP600
  • Shipping Dimensions: 8 x 6 x 6 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 2.5 pounds
  • Product Use Instructions: Garlic Combo Pack Instructions - 450kb

Customer Reviews

Great for figuring out what you want for following years

This was the first product I got from PV 3 years ago. I didn't have the problems with the labeling others have reported, and growing information is easily available online. The mix gave me a chance to try all the varieties, see which I like cooking with the best, which grew under which circumstances, and which gave me the biggest yield in different parts of my small garden. I learned that year how finicky shallots can be about too much watering, and how easy elephant garlic is under the same conditions. Now I know to get lots of Elephant garlic for storage in oil, some soft-neck to use the leaves and scapes for early stir-fries and later bulbs, and relatively few shallots for the drier part of the garden.

Review by (on )
Loved this pack!

I'd never grown garlic before last year and this was a great variety package to start with. It grew beautifully and we're enjoying it now! Will plant again!

Review by (on )
Poor packaging

Great looking garlic but if you are new to growing garlic you will probably confused sorting the varieties. PV should label the varieties and include growing instructions, there are a lot of people that don't know about cutting scapes and end up disappointed with very small bulbs.

Review by (on )
Perfect garlic starter package

This is a delicious, well balanced package of seed garlic/shallots. Especially good if you're new to growing garlic and unsure of which varieties you like.

Review by (on )
Very nice product, somewhat confusing packaging, delivery time was as expected

Received my combo order about 10 days after placing my order (I am on the East coast and simply put it just takes a long time for things to get cross country.....my order was shipped out from PV within 1 business day). The tracking number provided in my confirmation e-mail kept me posted as to the whereabouts of my package and it arrived exactly when it was supposed to.

The product I received looks great! I am new to garlic growing, but the heads seemed fresh and the bulbs were huge. My elephant garlic head weighed 9oz and it was comprised of 5 ginormous cloves!

My only complaint would be that they should package the different varieties of garlic separately, instead they were loose in the box leaving me to differentiate. It was easy enough to figure out which was the softneck variety (no stalk sticking out of the center), and which was the elephant (it was huge and in its own package), and which were the shallots (they look completely different from garlic), but the two types of hardneck garlics provided both have a red/purple skin and 8-10 cloves per head. It was absolutely impossible to tell them apart. Even when I called costumer service for some assistance, the woman I spoke to told me she couldn't tell them apart in her order either! I lumped them all together as "hardnecks" when I planted them, but I really wish I knew which was which.

They should also clarify the shallot planting instructions, which are somewhat different from the garlic. Again, when I spoke with customer service I couldn't get a clear answer so I did some research of my own on-line and learned the following. Only break apart the head into easily separated "cloves". Even if it looks like you can break it apart further, you risk damaging the protective skin. Large shallot will produce a multitude of small individual shallots (good for starting your own seed stock), and small shallot will produce a nice large clump (good for eating).

I have my fingers crossed for a bountiful harvest next year :)

Review by (on )
Would love to try

I'm adding a comment to enter the contest. I had no idea there were so many different types of garlic. This, being a variety pack, would be awesome because I could try each type.

Review by (on )
Nice Garlic Bulbs

I have not yet planted them due to working on prepping my #15 smart pots with soil and potatoes that will be growing in them. But the package was very nice all around. The size of the garlic and stature looks delicious. It is hard to not just plant them but I am waiting for some cooler weather in Sacramento, CA. I will give another review in the next season when I know how they performed for me and my environment.

Review by (on )

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