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Collection: Hardneck Seed Garlic

Enjoy the bold, delicious flavor of homegrown, organic hardneck garlic!

Grow Hardneck Garlic for Complex Flavors

Hardnecks (Allium sativum ssp. ophioscorodon) are closer to wild garlic, with complex flavors. These are the garlics that some compare to wines with subtle differences that reflect the regional soil and weather patterns. One simple benefit to the cook is the way some of their skins slip off smoothly. Hardnecks do not store as long as softnecks–cure them, eat them within 6-10 months, and get to know their distinctive flavors.

Hardneck garlic also sizes up better when grown in cold winter regions. You can grow them in mild winter zones but it is recommended to expose your hardneck garlic to cold temperatures for at least 3-4 weeks (a refrigerator should work that is set colder than normal).

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