Gift Seed Tin - Frost Kissed Collection - DP407

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Summer is not the only time to grow vegetables!

Take advantage of the milder climates in the "shoulder seasons" of spring and fall, and grow these vegetables that prefer the cooler weather.

The seed varieties vary, the tin currently contains one seed pack of each of the following varieties:

Broccoli Rapinni

Spinach Bloomsdale

Kale Red Russian

Cabbage (Chinese Non-Heading) Pak Choi

Radish Easter Egg Mix

Cabbage Express Red

Chard Fordhook Giant

Pea Sugar Daddy

Greens Arugula

Cauliflower Snowball

The tin measures 4 1/2" long x 3 1/8" wide x 1 5/16" deep. Peaceful Valley brand and most other seed packets are a perfect fit; the metal tin keeps seeds safe from r-a-t-s.

Multiple tins stack or make a decorative display. See the whole range of Gift Seed Tin Collections here.

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